Join us LIVE for an insider look at World Race: Gap Year!

For high school students facing all of those "What am I going to do with the rest of my life" questions... discover what God is calling you to and how that changes everything.

You're getting ready to finish high school. Each day builds up more excitement about the future, but also more and more anxiety and questions about what exactly the next step is.

Should I go to college?

Where should I go?

What career should I choose?

What am I supposed to do with the rest of my life?

What is God's plan for my life?


You're not alone! That's why we created World Race: Gap Year. It could be the next step you're looking for!


Join us LIVE on Tuesday, June 15 (8 PM Eastern Standard Time)


We'll cover:

What is World Race: Gap Year?

How to decide if Gap Year is right for you

How to Apply for Gap Year

Stories from current Gap Year Racers

And more!


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Megan Anderson

Hi! My name is Megan. I went on the World Race in 2017. I knew God was calling me to serve and inviting me to something more than what I was experiencing. That's when I found the World Race and it changed my life! I had such an incredible experience growing my relationship with God, in godly community, and living to build the Kingdom around the world! I went back out as a leader in 2018, and then I came on staff with World Race: Gap Year, a program I LOVE! Now I get to help people just like you figure out how God is leading you toward missions and Kingdom building around the world, too. When I'm not helping people take bold steps of faith I love to be outside near the lake or on a run or playing board games with friends! Can't wait to meet you and talk more!


Drew Davidson | Gap Year 2019

"I loved my time on the Race! Doing World Race Gap Year opened my eyes and heart to more of who Jesus is. There were endless opportunities to see Him move through and in me over my time on the field! I became more confident in who He has called me to be and experienced a deeper hunger for Jesus. I was surrounded by such an encouraging squad and built so many beautiful relationships. I am beyond thankful for the Race and how it provided a strong foundation for my faith for the rest of my life."


Morgan McCrary | Gap Year 2019

"The World Race Gap Year held some of the most challenging months of my life but also some of the most life giving! Before I went on Gap Year I thought I knew Jesus, but after living as a missionary for 7 months, I quickly realized that there was so much more to learn! Gap Year gave me a safe community to ask hard questions about my faith. Questions that I had been “given” the answers to all my life, but never actually sought out truth for myself! We were able to sit down and read scripture about the Lord’s character and the way he loves but then everyday we’d go out and get to experience it for ourselves! Not only did we get to see some beautiful places and go on some crazy adventures, we also got to build some long lasting relationships with some really special people overseas. Gap Year taught me that anywhere and everywhere is a ministry opportunity and some of what seemed like the smallest, most mundane moments ended up becoming some of my favorite memories! I know the Race meant a lot to me because coming home was one of the hardest parts, but i’m thankful that my “Race friends” have become real life friends, and that the “Race” didn’t have to end when I got home, but instead I get to continue living for the Kingdom for the rest of my life! "